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In the year 2000, a couple of teenage kids decided to open an account on a new online auction site called eBay! They began searching at garage sales and thrift shops for unique vintage items and rare fashions! The passion of the hunt and the thrill of the bid brought these kids to leave their 9-5s and start a little eBay business in 2007! Beginning in a tiny downtown Eau Claire apartment, these kids hustled their way into needing more space and more help! Marriage, adulthood, and parenthood followed and this little operation grew into something much larger thanks to the help of so many hardworking individuals along the way!

23 years later we are still evolving and excited to offer a unique local shopping experience in our new warehouse marketplace! Giving back to our community has become increasingly important as we raise our family in such a beautiful and eclectic city! With the marketplace concept, we aim to offer a variety of products to every demographic. We are striving to partner with local small businesses and artisans who share in our culture and support our vision. Offering unique products from local makers is something we hope with continue to grow and evolve! These small businesses now have a place to offer their products to our community without needing a storefront of their own.  By supporting our marketplace, you are also contributing to the growth of other local artisans.


Sustainability and the ability to refurbish and recycle thousands of landfill-bound products every year is something we are very proud to offer in our community!  


Thank you for being part of our journey and our story! We look forward to serving you, both online and in our local marketplace in downtown Eau Claire! 

From the start, we have had the mindset of work hard but play harder! Life is short and we all get one shot... so LET'S PLAY!!

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