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Open Every Saturday (9 am - 3 pm)


After 23 years online we opened our doors to our local friends to offer a unique and money-saving shopping experience. We have expanded our selection by opening a new warehouse marketplace in the community we love. Our deals are crazy good making it possible to stay on a budget without sacrificing the quality of your purchase. At our marketplace, you get way more bang for your buck in an increasingly difficult economy to navigate! Through a global pandemic, consumers learned the importance of an in-person retail experience. There is still a desire to engage with products firsthand.  

Join us every Saturday for our weekly warehouse sale!  Our store is refreshed with new inventory every week, offered at remarkable discounts of up to 85% off retail prices. Arrive early and often to seize the exclusive deals unique every week. Our store is more than just a retail space; it's an immersive environment that allows you to touch, see, hear, and experience amazing products firsthand.

Our variety of marketplace "SHOPS" showcase amazing deals and cater to a wide range of niche and mainstream markets. Discover our TOY SHOP, where you can find premier brands such as LEGO, POKEMON, FUNKO, NERF, HOT WHEELS, BARBIE, and more! We offer many current action figures from HASBRO, MATTEL, and more. Our toy brands showcase heroes from MARVEL, DC, STAR WARS, TMNT, DISNEY, and other franchises.


Have you heard of LEGO LANE…?! We boast the largest assortment of current and retired Lego sets in the region, with fresh sets arriving on our shelves weekly. Our Lego sets have sealed bags (unless otherwise marked) but the price is far less than you would pay on the shelves anywhere else. We have pre-built Lego Mini-Figures for $5 each or 3 for $12 every week! 


Step into our GAME SHOP, where you'll immerse yourself in a world of gaming excellence. Featuring leading brands such as NINTENDO, PLAYSTATION, and XBOX, our game shop is a haven for gamers of all kinds.  Explore our selection of controllers, headsets, consoles, and games to enhance your everyday gaming experience. Our game shop features deals such as $25 Xbox and PS4 Controllers, $40 Nintendo Switch Controllers, and $5 gaming headsets!


Our COLLECTORS SHOP features an array of vintage action figures, toys, and novelties. We breathe new life into toys from yesteryears, making them available to purchase and presenting them in a captivating and visually clear showcase. Explore iconic vintage toys from franchises like STAR WARS, GI JOE, STAR TREK, BATTLE-STAR GALACTICA, BUCK ROGERS, LEGO, and more!


In our BOOK NOOK, you’ll discover a variety of adult, teen, and children’s books priced at only $1 and $3! Dive into beloved series such as HARRY POTTER and DOG MAN, and explore works by acclaimed authors like STEPHEN KING, COLLEEN HOOVER, DANIELLE STEEL, and many more all available at unbeatable prices!


Feeling old school? Scroll through RECORD ROW for amazing deals on vinyls at just $5 & $10 and CDs for only $1.  Flip through our FILM SHOP for new DVDs and Blu-Rays for just $3 and preowned movies for $1!


Immerse yourself in a space for the whole family! Our KIDS KORNER has movies, games, and toys to keep the kiddos entertained while you shop.  While you're here, don't forget to sign up for our Golden Giveaways for an opportunity to snag a FREE Lego Set, WIN a Shopping Spree, and secure numerous other weekly prizes.


Visit our FREE CAFE for complimentary cookies, coffee, cocoa, and tea. Once you've finished shopping, select a gift from our giveaway table with any purchase of $15 or more! These are just a few ways we express our gratitude for your ongoing support and for choosing to shop local!


Enroll in our complimentary Loyalty Rewards program at checkout, where you can accumulate points on every dollar spent in-store for future purchases. Enjoy the extra perks of Birthday and Loyalty Bucks for even more fun!

We're thrilled to offer the second “Diggin For Gold” bin-style treasure hunt! This is unlike any other bin sale/store you’ve been to!  With our unique waterfall pricing, all items start at $10 and are reduced in price every hour. By 2 pm all bin items are just $1!  The price you pay per item is determined by the time you enter the bin space. These items are sold “RAW” and are untested for function or checked for parts. All items are sold AS-IS and NO returns are accepted. These bins are filled with everything from LEGO, BARBIE, TMNT, MINECRAFT, VIDEO GAMING, HEADSETS, BOARD GAMES, PUZZLES and so much more!  Don’t miss out on our unique bin-style treasure hunt, available only during this sale!


Make us a part of your weekend tradition! Whether you're strolling through our store or browsing online, we're here to offer you the most exceptional deals every time. Join us for a shopping experience filled with unbeatable savings and fun for the whole family… Let’s Play! 

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